What is Song Pop? The new music game explained (and how to win at Song Pop)


Song Pop is the amazing new music game taking the world by storm. Borrowing a concept from Name That Tune users must guess the song in as little time as possible. This site will help you practice all the songs found on Songpop and keep you posted on updates.

The Songpop game is available on Apple Iphone, Ipad, Android, Facebook and more..

There are numerous categories including Electronic, Dance, Funk, Eighties, Nineties, Alternative, Blues, Punk, Classic Rock with new categories being added all the time…

Check out the pages on our site for a list of Songpop playlists full of music to listen to and cheats to help you win!




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  • cliff horne

    already playing ,I love it

  • Jennifer

    Love song pop!!

  • I feel that there should be a pop-punk section in songpop. featuring bands like new found glory, the story so far, blink 182, transit, etc.

  • kathy

    great game having lots of fun

  • I deleted song pop app and then re installed last night. It kept freezing and i figured this would solve the problem. Now when i tried to log back in to my account it tells me that user name has been created already. Well i know because it is mine..lol anyways, i tried to retrieve my password via email and i never get it. I’m frustrated. All i want is to get back into my account. Please email the password for cats 10675 username..thank you so much.

  • just to tell you there are cheat about songpop ?
    but i love songpop!
    thanks to emily klamkie
    Love ya

  • i Love songpop
    Thanks to emily
    Love yaaaa

  • Need modern rap list

  • I have the same issue. I can’t log into my account Emzee67. And I do not have my email address attached to that account. How can I retrieve it? I really do not want to start all over.


  • Glenda

    I am so into this game, to bad I am not very good at it

  • i love song pop

  • Sherry Turley

    I love songpop

  • Suzkass

    Since Dec 2012 update songpop freezes every challenge. Please fix!!!

  • Candice

    Cannot go to the next level of songpop since there are ads now in my way!!

  • I was playing the game when an ad popped up and blocked the arrow to proceed with the game. Now I’m stuck. Is there a way to remove the ad or do I need to reinstall?

  • Lisa R Bergstraesser

    When I play Songpop on my HTC Thunderbolt and it does the power multiplier, which it never used to do, I can’t see the choices, just blue screen.

  • I love to play song pop but it is not available for my new windows phone. is it going to be available for windows phone soon

  • shreyas

    I have the same issue. I can’t log into my account.And I do not have my email address attached to that account. How can I retrieve it?
    Thanks,All i want is to get back into my account. Please email the password for ishreyas username .thank you so much.

  • if i upgrade from the free version will it affect the matchups i’m currently playing?

  • Rebecca Tillotson

    I am having trouble with the sound. I can barely hear the song. This problem is recent. How can I fix this issue?

  • Zac Blanton

    Please help me! My Songpop app on my Iphone 4s is not working. I try to load the game, or open the game and it freezes at the blue Song Pop screen and goes no farther… It works fine on my Ipad2 and on my regular Ipod 4… please hlep as I am loving this game!

  • I’m a SongPop player but was wondering if you could add a Bruce Springsteen playlist. You have Bon Jovi and Billy Joel. I think the Boss would be a nice touch.

  • Tracey

    I wish they’d give a heads up about the bands in a specific category. It kills me to have to shell out 399 coins for a category that I might end up sucking in, like a new category called “70 & 80’s Hearth”. Huh?!?!?!?!?

  • Aaron

    Get rid of that new feature where other people you’re playing with can see who else you’re playing. SO ANNOYING! Why is it ANY of their business who else I’m playing?! Whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired.

  • Ronnie

    I would love to see a Nu Metal category with such bands as korn, deftones, limp bizkit, linkin park, slipknot etc.

  • rob saltz

    Please make a metalcore playlist with bands like avenged sevenfold atreyu killswitch engage bullet for my valentine all that remains

  • Carrie

    There needs to be a “post hardcore” song category i think 😛 with artists like pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, asking alexandria etc :) that would be epic!!

  • Jason G

    Song Pop is by far my favorite pastime! There is only one error in the playlists, however… In 80’s R&B there is a song called “I Like” by G.R. I believe this song should be listed in Modern Rap as it clearly was not produced or recorded in the 80’s era. It’s a newer style rap song. Other than that…AWESOME app! Keep the songs coming!! :)

  • A Playlist of Ricardo Arjona and Shakira!!

  • in your 80,s pop or 80,s rock category you have a song listed as Michael jacksons wanna be starting something when in fact it is a completely different song that is playing.i believe the name of the song is how does it feel and I don’t know the artist,but it is not a Michael Jackson song. ty


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